Sunday, June 1, 2014

D, Like Dan!

              Many dormitory students enjoy Friday Night playing some games, watching movies, or cooking together. I am also the one enjoyed the Night baking pumpkin scones with my friends. Friday is a precious day for us TGIF! On Saturday night I’d long been talking about course taking with my friends, and on Sunday night I simmered some Japanese apricots to make 4 jars of jam with them. Hey, where has ELA gone? Actually I attended the SEA program orientation. My destination will be Dublin, and to my surprise, our teacher Dan will come there to see our works.

              In Friday’s ARW class, we had a CWT about arguments and fallacies. I did better than I had expected, and it was interesting for me to analyze the questions and find the correct answers. In Japanese culture, arguments are not thought to be a good thing and instead agreements are required. But in English language, especially in academic writing, arguments are important to make constructive decision. I think that really good ideas often come up from arguments.

Also, about the CWT, the way of checking answers was very interesting. It is a little bit difficult to distinguish the pronunciation of B and D, so Dan used the word Boston for B and his own name for D! I found it easier to distinguish them. If I were an ELA teacher at ICU, I will describe A, B, C and D using these words; Aho-yama, Baka-yama, Church and Diffendorfer!

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