Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Never too old to learn

This proverb means that everyone can learn new things at any ages. Elderly people may be able to learn more actively than young people, if they eager to get new ideas.


Here is my original story on “never too old to learn.”


My 78-year-old grandmother has a hobby which she has enjoyed for about 20 years; calligraphy. She did not learned it in her childhood or when she was young. But she had long been wanted to make her handwritings neater. In her 50’s, after all the children became independent of her, she finally started to take some lessons of calligraphy. She practiced it hard while enjoying what she really wanted to do, and later she got some prizes appreciating her works! However, on the other hand, I wasn’t a good leaner of calligraphy. When I was an elementary school student I took the calligraphy class too, but my skills didn’t improve very much because I didn’t like it. Thus, every person can try and learn new things without any consideration of age; if they have the will to learn.

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