Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reaction; The Limits of Locavorism

Definition of the word “locavorism”

              The idea to consume foods produced near the place you live.





              It is said that eating local foods is good thing for protecting environment, being healthy, and tasting better. Locavorists insist on reducing food miles, which is very important idea in locavorism. In their point of view, we need less fuel for transportation by doing that and we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas. In addition, they say that local foods are fresher and tastes better and it is reasonable for consumers.

              However, is it really true? Can we completely believe that? Probably not. Actually, the emission of greenhouse gas will be less than transported foods’ emission, but, as stated in the thesis, transportation contributes less than 11 percent to the overall carbon cost of an average food item. I was surprised to see this level. Besides, local foods are often more expensive than the foods produced in foreign countries such as China. Thus, the idea of locavorism is not necessarily perfect.

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