Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reaction: ICU as a Hybrid University

In the lecture, Dr. Paul called ICU “a hybrid university.” When I heard this expression, I was so impressed because ICU is actually a hybrid of American and Japanese universities in terms of its style. Dr. Paul mentioned both of the differences and the similarities between American universities and Japanese universities. What I interested in were the differences. Generally, American universities are easy to enter and difficult to graduate from. University students in the United States have to study very hard to achieve their learning. I think this is the ideal style of university. In most Japanese universities, students study much less hard than American students. They tend to believe that graduation is more important than studying at university and this makes them passive. However, in ICU, students are required to study a lot and to think critically like American students and this is why ICU is differ from other universities in Japan. As a university which is established in Tokyo by American people, ICU provides great education with a good balance of universities of the U.S. and Japan. I really like the idea of this lecture and am proud of having started learning here!


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