Thursday, May 1, 2014

What is Gogatsubyo? ---Definition and Solutions


              It literately means “May sickness” and annoys many people in May. Gogatsubyo is a mental issue, but it is not a terrible one and occurs from the mental gap between April and May. Most “patients” are students and young workers. In April, when a new school or business year begins in Japan, many people are in a good tense. They often feel confident, hopeful and free under cherry blossoms. However, once they are accustomed to their new lives, they suddenly begin to feel tired and lose their will. This is how people become blue due to Gogatsubyo.




              So, how can we solve this problem? I believe there are two tips to overcome this “illness.”

1)    Take some activities early in May

When we have something worth looking forward in near future, we are likely to be more energetic. Through the busy April, people become gradually tired so we have to refresh our minds before we got sick in Gogatsubyo. There is “Golden Week,” or middle-sized consecutive holidays in Japan, which I think the best opportunity to go somewhere and rest enogh.

2)    Do not be overconfident about yourself

If we set too many or hard ambitions in April, we probably confused and become blue in May. To prevent this, we should not expect ourselves too much and try to do what we really can. In addition, we will feel better not to focus only on the current situation but to think about future; next month, next term and next year.

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  1. Thanks for your solutions for Gogatsubyo. It is very useful for me, and I try to do it not to get this sickness.