Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How Outline Works

                        It is very tough to write an essay, and sometimes writers get caught in a dark, large forest of words. I remember that Meiland or Morgan stated that writing is a tool of thinking. Through writing, we can organize our thoughts and reflect ideas. Besides, outlines will work as a mirror of our brain, I think. Writing essays is still a kind of burden for me, but it is important to find my own comfortable way to write and get accustomed to writing.

                        By the way, when I was shopping at Ito Yokado near here, I was spoken to by a foreign staff. She said carrying a box of potatoes, “hey, girl! Would you like this new one? It is bigger and the same price.” I was surprised because I had never seen staffs speaking in English. Luckily, as an ICU student, I was able to reply in English. We never know when to be spoken to in English, even out of the campus!

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