Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Fanciful Trip: If I had an Unlimited Plane Ticket for a Month

My boarding ticket - Los Angeles→Narita

              I love traveling very much. When I go somewhere, I can learn something new, see something beautiful, feel something different from my ordinary life and eat something particular to the place. No other things are greater than traveling, I think… If I had an unlimited plane ticket for a month, I will be so happy, and what will I do in such situation?

              First, I want to go to every continent except for the South Pole. I have traveled abroad twice, but I visited the U.S. only. Of course, I want to see other countries! With the unlimited ticket, first I will fly to Europe to see sophisticated buildings, walking through old alleyways. Then I will leave for African continent to visit historical site of Egypt, leave for South America to join carnival, then go to the north to watch beautiful aurora, leave for Australia to enjoy broad nature, then back to Asia to have delicious foods provided in food wagons that’s perfect!

              Also, I would like to travel around inside of Japan, too. With this ticket, I can easily move from Hokkaido to Okinawa. I would go anywhere checking weather report.

              If only I had this plane ticket and left from Chofu airfield near ICU!


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