Tuesday, May 6, 2014


              As a part of a generation that is accustomed to use the Internet, I have sometimes heard this word since I was a child. It origins from the words “(inter) net” and “etiquette” and refers to “etiquette in the Internet.” Nowadays, it is taught in many schools in Japan.

              “Netiquette” is comparatively a new word, but it is not so specific to the Internet but closely connected to our ordinary manners. For example, there is one of the most important point of netiquette that people must not slander other people in the Internet. However, we are told not to do so in our daily life. Such kind of manner is common even outside of the web. Then, why should we learn netiquette?

              It is because we can easily do anything in the Internet. We can write some comments on someone’s video channels, say something wrong about an institute and post some pictures of a particular person. We can do these alone, but everyone using internet actually can see these information freely. The important thing in netiquette is to have a responsibility to information.

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