Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 14th

1)    what we learned in class

              In the last class, we discussed our essay topic in writing groups. We are going to write a 5-paragraph essay which may be the longest essay we wrote in ICU! Like most students, I am not familiar with writing academic essays and proper citations, so I must be tough and read LBH carefully. We learned the types of citations and I was surprised that the MLA writing has a kind of loose citations. Also, we have to make sure that our essay doesn’t finish with only citation, as Dan said in class. It will be a good training for us to think and write in our own words.


2)    about my new essay

              The main topic of my 5-paragraph essay will be “locavorism,” or the movement that try to eat local foods. The word comes from “local” and “vorare (Latin word, but “devour” in English).” The goals of “locavorism” are, in a brief way, “healthier living, healthier environment, more prosperous local economy.” You may have heard the Japanese word “Chisan-Chisho” before, and it has the similar idea with locavorism. But some people criticize this idea insisting of the non-effectiveness in locavorism. There are actually some problems about locaorism, while there are benefits.


3)    reaction to the video

              I watched a video about writing tutorial. We students do need conversation over our writing, I think. The useful tip which I found in the video was “prewriting should never be censored, let the ideas flow.” When we write something, we will be successful when we get more idea by doing brainstorming.
4) other
              I realized that some students' birthdays are concentrated into this month! It is nice to cerebrate other student's anniversary in the section. 

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